The four seasons in Schwangau

In Schwangau each season has its special charm. During the year the images of the village are changing and shows itself again and again in its own beauty. Whether in springtime with the lovely smelling fresh green, in summer the pure magnificent colours, in autumn the earthy indian-summer tones and the bright quiet white in winter.


Everything sprouts in tender green, the trees strike out and the spirits awaken from hibernation.



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Swimming, surfing or sailing - four lakes are waiting for you and high up on the mountains one can enjoy dreamlike views. In addition to that, numerous summer festivals promise great fun.


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The Golden Autumn is usually very weather resistant and therefore ideal for hiking and cycling. The Coloman feast, the concerts of Neuschwanstein and the "Viehscheid" are cultural and traditional highlights in this time of the year.


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When the days are getting shorter and the first snow falls, it's getting quiet in Schwangau and one can enjoy a beautiful, quiet walk or a sleigh ride in Schwangau. Cross Country skiing is also very common in Schwangau.


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