Autumn in Schwangau, Bavaria

Settled weather, cattle drive and culture

The golden autumn is one of the finest seasons in Schwangau. The forests shine like indian summer colours. The weather is usually settled, the travelling temperature is ideal and the village is returning to more quietness. The hay is being harvested and the farmers on the alps are preparing to bring the cattle down before the first snows come.

Mostly in mid-September, some huts are closing down for winter and everybody is waiting for the traditional cattle drive. If the alpine summer finished with no accidents, the animals are dressed with beautiful floral decorations. The herdsmen lead young cattle to the valley, passing Bleckenau and Hohenschwangau until the Schwansee park.

Due to the tradition, they are all welcomed by the music-band, locals, guests and owners with a lot of joy - glad, that the cattle had a splendid summer on the mountains without having any accidents and at last handed over to their owner's safely. This is the content of the Schwangau cattle drive.

Regular events in autumn:

Always on the 2nd Sunday in October, the Coloman feast takes place. It is a horse benediction to honour St. Coloman. More than 200 beautifully spruced horses, ridden by costume makers, take part in it. At 8 a.m. the riders gather on the outskirts of Schwangau. At 9.30 a.m. the cavalcade is forming at the town hall, led by the local band to the pilgrimage church of St. Coloman. If the weather is good the Holy Mass is celebrated with the riders and visitors outside of the church. At the end of the mass, the Colomansreliquie with the clergy and the guests of honour, ride around the church in nicely decorated carriages.

The cattle drive is usually in the middle of September. Young cattle are guided by the herdsmen on the path to Bleckenau and Hohenschwangau, welcomed by the band of Schwangau until they reach their destination (Viehscheid place). This event is celebrated very traditionally and for everybody one of the main highlights in the year. At lake Schwansee there are snacks, beer and a joyful get-together.

Video: Autumn impressions of Schwangau and lake Forggensee

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