Springtime in Schwangau, Bavaria

Feel, smell and experience.

When the meadows just explode after a long winter and one can smell the fresh new green -then all of a sudden the spirits awake. Everywhere are spring flowers: daffodils, daisies, pussy willow, dandelion and all the herbs within the tender grass. The days are getting longer and the trails are releasing its snow. Timid and yet cautiously starts the hiking season.

It is a wonderful experience to see how the animals, after a long wintertime in the stable, hop over the meadows and fields in Schwangau - high spirited and hard to tame. Springtime here we come!

Regular events in the springtime in Schwangau

The guided Easter Walk through the park in Schwangau (always on Easter Sunday) will give you pleasure and a warm feeling when you hear the impressive sounds of the alphorn. An Easter Holiday like that you will never forget.

On the first of May, almost everywhere the "Maibock" time arrives: An extra strong beer which tastes extremely good in the beer gardens. In addition to that, usually every 5 years, a new maypole is erected in Schwangau, last one being in 2014

The annual May Day celebration takes place in Hohenschwangau on1st May .

A feast for the eyes is the Corpus Christi procession through the village of Schwangau. Locals display their most beautiful folk costumes and the Holy Mass is held outdoors (weather permitting).