Health, cures, and spa facilities in Schwangau

For body, soul and spirit

Health is our most valuable asset - in times of stress with lifes hustle and bustle it is becoming increasingly important to be in balance. Schwangau distinguishes itself with an excellent pre-alpine stimulating climate, a top water quality and medical competence.

From the medically prescribed rehabilitation treatment including follow-up treatment (or an active stay) to ambulant treatment and prevention with medical specialism - here you find attractive offers to suit every need. 

Climatic health resort

The therapeutically effective pre-alpine stimulating climate in Schwangau is ideal for the metabolism of the body. This "healing climate" can be an essential support against various diseases.  The state approved label characterises these qualities: The high air quality combined with the unique scenic location.

Excellent medical and therapeutic facilities, specialised personnel and beautiful spa facilities are additional attributes of this approval.

Time for a health break

To increase the vitality and well-being from time to time one should allow the body, soul and spirit to rest.

The Royal Crystal Thermal pool Schwangau offers excellent opportunities with healthy thermal brine, natron and GRANDER water, hot sauna infusions, relaxing wraps and massages, plus cosmetic treatments.

More information about the royal crystal spa

The classic cure

Prevention and recovery of health. To ensure the success of targeted therapies, you will find specified diets with the right mix of relaxation and movement.

Thanks to its location between high mountains and the flatness of Schwangau, the Tarraincure is ideal for best results. This movement therapy in the Allgäu nature, has a positive effect on many ailments.

The health centre König Ludwig is specialised in the treatment of orthopedic disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In addition to medical rehabilitation, there are numerous offers in the field of health promotion. A certified rehabilitation clinic which complies with the stringent requirements of the German Society for Medical Rehabilitation (DEGEMED). 

The health clinic Schwangau offers conventional medicine advice and treatments under professional medical management. You can find additional naturopathic applications. Indications: Internal Medicine, psychosomatic and orthopedic disorders.