Schwangau's Landscape and Nature:

The Kings's Dreamland

King Ludwig II knew exactly why he built his fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle in this contrasting landscape. In the valley of lakes and walking paths, you will find pure relaxation. The mountains are waiting for you with Castles and unique hiking trails as well as climbing facilities.

The mountains of Schwangau

Schwangau is located exactly on the edge of the Alps, more precisely, at the edge of the Ammer Mountains.

The two local mountains in Schwangau are the Tegelberg, also known as Schlossberg, and the majestic Säuling, over 2,200 meters high.


Explore the mountains with the Tegelberg cable car

The lakes of Schwangau

There are 4 lakes in Schwangau, that are, Alpsee, Schwansee, Forggensee and Bannwaldsee. Each has its own characteristics offering either swimming, sailing, surfing, or boating. 


Boat trips on lake Forggensee

The four seasons in Schwangau:


Everything sprouts in tender green, the trees strike out and the spirits awaken from hibernation.



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Swimming, surfing or sailing - four lakes are waiting for you and high up on the mountains one can enjoy dreamlike views. In addition to that, numerous summer festivals promise great fun.


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The Golden Autumn is usually very weather resistant and therefore ideal for hiking and cycling. The Coloman feast, the concerts of Neuschwanstein and the "Viehscheid" are cultural and traditional highlights in this time of the year.


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When the days are getting shorter and the first snow falls, it's getting quiet in Schwangau and one can enjoy a beautiful, quiet walk or a sleigh ride in Schwangau. Cross Country skiing is also very common in Schwangau.


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The Romantic Road

Traveling from the River Main to the Alps, it's Germany's best known and most popular tourist routes, passing along famous medieval towns while savoring the beautiful landscapes. Schwangau is located right at the southern end of the Romantic Road. 

Schwangau is located right at the southern end of the "Romantic Road". 


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Schwangau's Parks

The Kurpark in Schwangau and the Schwanseepark which is right below Hohenschwangau Castle, invite you to relax, stroll and indulge in the luxurious ambience of Nature's paradise.


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The "village-beauties" of Schwangau

Typical of the Schwangau landscape are the old farmhouses and the numerous village fountains with colourful cottage gardens. The Schwangau locals are rightly proud of their beautiful village.


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