Welcome to Schwangau, the royal castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

Schwangau is located at the southern end of the romantic road in Bavaria, southern Germany.

The royal Bavarian castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Tegelberg-Cable Car, Royal Crystal-Spa, Museum of the Bavarian Kings, Hotels, Pensions, Apartments and two Campsites, make Schwangau remarkable, unique and gain its widespread royal fame. While experiencing hiking, mountain climbing, cycling or cross-country skiing, you'll also be able to relax and truly enjoy the beauty of the surroundings with tranquility beyond your imaginations. As we had installed several webcams all around the castles, please feel free to view them at your leisure.

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We have installed quite a few webcams all around the royal castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.



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Video: Schwangau, village of the royal castles

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More Videos of Schwangau and Neuschwanstein: youtube.com/schwangau 

The Romantic Road "Nostalgia Bus"

The Romantic Road

Traveling from the River Main to the Alps, it's Germany's best known and most popular tourist routes, passing along famous medieval towns while savoring the beautiful landscapes. Schwangau is located right at the southern end of the Romantic Road. 


Find out more about the Romantic Road

Winter hike at lake Schwansee

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Sea of clouds on the Tegelberg

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Beautiful timelapses

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More Videos of Schwangau and Neuschwanstein: youtube.com/schwangau 

Things to do in Schwangau

  • The mountain cable car Tegelbergbahn

    Tegelberg-Cable Car

    It's an ideal starting point, awaiting the most adventurous hikes with many possible hiking trails to Neuschwanstein Castle and around the mountainous region. There are several ski and flight schools as well as mountain climbing recreational center, who will gladly help you gain a wonderful learning experience.


    Recreational sports like Paragliding and Hang gliding can be found here.


    All about the Tegelbergbahn

  • Allgäu Holiday  with the "KönigsCard"

    Alpine holiday with the KönigsCard

    The KönigsCard with more than 250 services is an All-Inclusive-Card for a truly royal experience. The KönigsCard is only valid for Allgäu.

    Those who booked their holidays with one of the KönigsCard Partner hosts, will receive the card with all its amazing offers. 


    More information about the KönigsCard



  • Health, prevention, spa  and relaxation

    Health therapy, Spa and Relaxation

    Schwangau has been renowned as an excellent climatic health resort, best air quality, beautiful parks and spas. You will also find qualified medical and therapeutic facilities here.

    Do combine your holiday with all these splendid offers for an exciting and wonderful stay. Promise you will be fully charged and will plan for your next return! 


    All about health, prevention, cure, spa and relaxing.

  • Boat trips on lake Forggensee in Schwangau, Bavaria

    Forggensee boat trip

    The boat trip is only available in Summer. The cruise takes you to a panoramic view of the Alps, gives you an unforgettable experience with serenity and freshness, brings you a memory of a lifetime!


    All about boat trips on lake Forggensee

  • Royal Thermal  Pool in Schwangau, Bavaria

    Royal Spa - Königliche Kristall Therme

    Enjoy a unique pool and spa overlooking Neuschwanstein Castle. Learn the realm of the elements of fire, water, earth, crystals and gemstones.

    All rooms built within the spa were taken from the Byzantine period.


    All about the Königliche Kristall-Therme

  • The Museum of the Bavarian Kings in Hohenschwangau, Bavaria

    The Museum of the Bavarian Kings

    The museum presents many centuries of historic artifacts and treasures from the Wittelsbach family, one of Europe's oldest dynasties.

    Here, you can relive the history of the royal family and the life of King Ludwig II which is vividly shown.


    All about the Museum of the Bavarian Kings

  • The winter sports arena on Tegelberg

    The winter sports in Tegelberg

    Cable car with four mini-lifts, guarantee the enjoyment for Alpine skiers and snowboarders. Cross-country skiing with several possible trails, skiers will get to enjoy unpolluted crystal clear air and spectacular view of the majestic mountains. 

    Winter sports in Schwangau